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Who's Who?

Come and meet the staff at our school!



Lisa Ariyo

Year 3 Teacher

Zaima Ayadim

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Katie Baker

Foundation Stage Class Teacher

Tracy Barton

Librarian, Learning Support Assistant

Libby Bates

Year 1 Class Teacher

Sam Baynes

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Sarah Bell

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Donna Brown

Foundation Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisor

Jan Cameron

Site Manager

Peter Cameron

Caretakers Assistant

Sally Cameron


Ruchi Cheema

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Karen Cook

Year 2 Teacher

Janie Dorman

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Lisa Dove

Nursery Nurse - Year 1

Vicky Eastaff

Nursery Nurse

Penny Ellis

Foundation Stage Class Teacher

Caroline Farmer

Nursery Nurse

Gemma Flynn

Year 5 Teaching Assistant and Care Club Assistant

Tamsin Forsey

Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Jo Garvey

Children and Families Officer

Kat Hackett

Year 6 Class Teacher

Sabrina Harper

Midday Supervisor

Nick Hearn


Gillian Hemmings

Midday Supervisor and Care Club Assistant

Carrie Hill


Hayley Hughes

Deputy Headteacher, SENCO, Foundation Leader

Jocelyn Hughes

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Anya Jeffrey

Year 5 Class Teacher

Julie Jeffries


Lucy Jones

Finance Assistant

Ioanna Karagianni

Year 3 Teaching Asssitant and Midday Supervisor

Katie Kettleborough Year 6 Teaching Assistant

David Killick

Assistant Head for Assessment, Writing & Key Stage One Leader

Stephanie Kimble

Year 2 Class Teacher

Elena Kudreviciene  Midday Supervisor

Lauren Leadbeater

Year 1 Class Teacher

Gemma Legg

Midday Supervisor

Molly Leyden

Year 5 Class Teacher

Laura Lynch

Midday Supervisor and Care Club Assistant



Assistant Head for Curriculum, Reading & Lower Key Stage 2 Leader

Nickii Matthews

Year 5/6 Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisor

Ellie Megram

Year 4 Class Teacher

Lorraine Metcalfe

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Charlotte Millard


Sarah Mitchell

Year 1 Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisor

Claire Morris


Sarah O'Brien

Year 2 Class Teacher

Lucy Onyinah

Cleaner and Midday Supervisor

Brandon Pattersonn Year 6 Class Teacher

Sarah Poulter

Year 3 Class Teacher, Every Child Counts Teacher

Steve Rae

Assistant Head for Partnerships, Maths & Upper Key Stage 2 Leader

Rebecca Seath Year 4 Teacher
Sarah Staddon Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Jodi Surman Year 6 Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisor
Hollie Sutton

Year 1 Class Teacher

Helen Thomas

Year 6 Class Teacher

Rachel Timms

School Business Manager

Sarah Walsh

Foundation Stage Class Teacher

Bev Ward

Year 3 Teaching Assistant and Care Club Assistant

Laura White

Teaching Assistant

Kerry Whitmee

Nursery Nurse

Sindy York

School Secretary


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