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Dogs in School

We are very excited that we are developing the role of dogs in school. During the 2019-20 academic year, we welcomed Disney, a dog from the charity Canine Concern into our school one afternoon per week. Disney enjoyed listening to children read and hearing about the work that they had been doing. Sadly, due to a change of circumstances for her owner, Disney no longer visits school.

In January 2020, we welcomed Honey to our school. Honey belongs to Miss Hughes, she spends some time in school most days and we are developing her role at the moment. Honey is very calm and gentle with the children - she can be a bit pickier with adults! Obviously, COVID had an impact on her finding her role in school but she has still become an integral part of our school family. The children and staff love her - nearly as much as she loves a belly rub. The children will always say hello to Honey before they say it to the adult she is with and poor Miss Hughes is rarely acknowledged anymore - when children see her they just ask "where's Honey?!"

If you are nervous about your child spending time with Honey, we would urge you to read the letter from Joy. Joy was terrified of dogs, the first time she met Disney she stood in the corner of the room shaking and crying. Within a few months, she would happily, stroke and walk Honey. We have a number of similar stories where Honey has helped children overcome their fear of dogs. 


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