Visions and Values

We want to share the school's vision and values with you, please read the information below:

Our School Vision


Learning Together:

“A caring community committed to lifelong learning.”


Our Statement of Purpose


We provide:

·  A happy, welcoming and caring ethos; building positive partnerships to enhance everyone’s capacity to learn.

· An inclusive curriculum that is creative, innovative and challenging; inspiring children to explore, learn and grow.

·  High quality teaching ensuring high standards of achievement; enabling all children to achieve their best.

·  Opportunities to develop skills, knowledge and an understanding of the world, needed throughout our everyday lives.

·  A safe and secure environment; fostering a sense of family.

·  A diverse school community; developing independent learners with a strong sense of pride in everything they do.

·  Values led education; placing positive relationships at the heart of everything we do.


-      Respect: We respect and treat each other kindly and with care.

-      Responsibility: We take responsibility for ourselves and our learning.

-      Trust: We trust each other and make the right choices.

-      Honesty: We act truthfully at all times.

-      Courage: We stand up for what is right and take risks in our learning.

-      Friendship: We are all friends supporting each other, no matter what.

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