School Visits

At Broughton Fields we pride ourselves on the range of visits that we offer to the children throughout the school year. Trips out of school are a highly valuable experience for the children and serve to enrich the day to day curriculum at school as well as to develop their social interactions and personal care.

Due to COVID-19 no visits are taking place at this time. All residential visits have been postponed to Spring/Summer 2021. We really hope that they will be able to take place. 

At this point, visits are planned to be as follows: 

Year 4 - Oxford 18th-19th March 2021

Year 5 - Cuffley 25th-28th May 2021

Year 6 - Isle of Wight 19th-23rd April 2021

Day Visits

Day visits that we have taken in the past include:

  • Whipsnade Zoo
  • MK Theatre to see the pantomime
  • Tower of London
  • Duxford
  • Living Rainforest
  • Southend-on-Sea
  • Natural History Museum


Residential Visits

The details below relate to pre-COVID plans. We will be adapting our future plans in light of the postponment of the Summer 2020 visits. 

We also offer a residential visit to the children in each year group from 3 - 6. These visits take place in the summer term. They are:

  • One night in Oxford visiting the Cotswold Wildlife Park & The Story Museum for Year 3
  • Two nights at Cuffley for Year 4 completing adventurous activities
  • Four nights in the Isle of Wight for Year 5
  • Four nights at Boughton Woods for Year 6 completing adventurous and survival style activites




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