Handwriting at Broughton Fields

Accurate letter formation is first taught in EYFS during phonics lessons where children are taught ‘phrases’ to help them form the individual letters correctly. Children are taught how to write on the line and use correct terminology (ascenders and descenders) for each of the individual letters.

Once a child is forming their letters accurately, they will begin to learn how to join the letters using the horizontal and diagonal joins. Adults will model joined up writing at all times and children will be expected to join their writing by the end of Year 2.

In KS2, a child can receive a ‘pen licence’ when they are showing consistent, joined handwriting in their work across the curriculum.

The link below takes you to Espresso videos, which will teach your child how to form all letter of the alphabet both as lowercase and uppercase letters. You will need the school's Espresso login details, which you received at the beginning of the year. 

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