Honey's Visit to Grafham Water

Date: 19th Sep 2020 @ 7:22pm

Last weekend, I went on a long car journey with Miss Hughes and her mum and dad. First of all we stopped at a pub and they had some food, I was really good and sat really nicely so they gave me a little bit of their dinner! I was lucky!

After they had eaten, we got back in the car for a few minutes and when we got out we were at a place called Grafham Water. It was a very, very big lake! When I saw how big it was I was a bit worried that Miss Hughes was going to make me walk all the way around it - apparently it's 8 miles!! Luckily, they didn't want to walk all the way round! We just walked for a little while and then came back, there were lots of lovely smells, lots of things to look at and lots of people and other dogs to meet. 

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