Honey's Returning to School

Date: 5th Sep 2020 @ 3:52pm

Hi Everyone,

I went back to school this week! On Wednesday all the grown ups did something called training. Lots of them haven't been at school for a really long time due to this thing called Coronoavirus. Mr Hearn & Miss Hughes decided it would be nice if the adults did something all together to start the day. So, they all did some painting. A lady called Liddy talked them through every step and all of them created a beautiful picture. When they were painting I just wandered around the hall making sure that they were trying their best!

After painting the adults all did some training - this was really boring for me. I got quite restless. Later I went to Foundation with Miss Hughes and helped her and all the grown ups get the area ready for the children who are starting school for the first time on Monday. 

When I got home on Wednesday night, I was so tired that I slept and slept and slept!! When Miss Hughes came downstairs to wake me up the following morning I didn't want to get out of my bed, I just shuffled around and went back to sleep! 


On Thursday, I had THE BEST DAY! I got to see all of the children again. I have missed them so much. I haven't seen some of them since before the Coronoavirus thing. Everything at school was a bit strange, the children were arriving at different times and they were really spread out! But, it was so nice to see them. I think they had missed me too. 

The other good thing about Thursday was that I got to see Mr & Mrs Cameron's dog Buddy, I've only seen him once since July! I love Buddy and I love Mr & Mrs Cameron too! On the days that I am at school I get to go to Buddy's house about 10am and we play together until Mrs Cameron comes back to school in the afternoon. We have so much fun! Mr and Mrs Cameron both had their birthdays this week. I bought them a present - Miss Lannagan created this amazing picture of Buddy and I. 

On Fridays I normally visit Miss Hughes' mum and dad, when I am there I have a nice rest!

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