Honey Meets Caterpillars and Chestnuts

Date: 19th Sep 2020 @ 7:09pm

The new children started school on 7th September. I enjoyed seeing them arrive and leave during their first week at school. It must be so scary starting school for the first time, but they were all so brave considering they didn't know any of the adults. I am lucky because I know them all, I know how kind they all are but the children didn't. It was so lovely to see them coming out of school saying that they had had a nice day and their families were so proud. 

Over their first two weeks, I've seen that they've done some painting, some drawing, building and making. They also play in something called a mud kitchen. Sometimes, when the children aren't there, i've played in the mud kitchen - it's a great place to dig but sometimes I get quite muddy. I saw that the children did too!! 

Soon I hope I will be able to go and visit them in their classroom rather than just see them outside. I can't wait to have lots of strokes and tummy rubs from them.

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