Honey Meets Caterpillars and Chestnuts Part 2!

Date: 30th Sep 2020 @ 7:38pm

When new children come to our school, their parents have to sign a special form to say that whether their child is allowed to spend time with me. Now we have had all of those forms back from Chestnut and Caterpillar class I was able to go and meet them all properly. 

First I went to Caterpillar class. All the children sat so quietly in a circle and I walked around to meet them all. They stroked me so gently. They knew to stroke the top of my head and my back but not my tail. Next I went to Chestnut class, they were just as kind and gentle. 

Miss Hughes told them that it was my 1st birthday on 2nd October and the children said that they would like to plan a party for me. I am not entirely sure what a birthday or a party is but the children were so excited that I think it's something I am looking forward to!

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