Honey has a bath ready for her birthday

Date: 30th Sep 2020 @ 7:51pm

Today I went onto the field at school and I had a lovely time. Sometimes, when I find a really good smell, I like to roll in it. Apparently, sometimes the smells I think are good are not nice for people! So, Miss Hughes said that I was smelly after I went on the field today. When I got home today I had to have a bath, I don't know why I needed a bath although the water seemed to change colour a lot when I was standing in there!

I don't really like having a bath and I really don't like it when Miss Hughes uses a really noisy hot air thing to dry my fur. Today she had bought a special towel which she wrapped me up in. It really helped to dry my fur and I didn't have to have the hot thing on me. 


This week I was hoping I would get to spend more time with my new Chestnut & Caterpillar friends but they haven't been able to come to school. That's made me really sad, I bet they're sad too. I think it means I won't be able to have a party with them on Friday. 

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