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Who's Who?

Come and meet the staff at our school!





Sue Armstrong

Midday Supervisor and School Club Assistant

Zaima Ayadim Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Katie Baker

Foundation Stage Class Teacher

Foundation Stage Area Leader

Helen Banner

Midday Supervisor

Tracy Barton


Learning Support Assistant

Libby Bates

Year 2 Class Teacher

KS1 Area Leader

Sam Baynes

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Karl Becker

Year 4  Class Teacher

Sarah Bell

UKS2 Teaching Assistant

Donna Brown Midday Supervisor
Lance Brown Midday Supervisor
Jan Cameron Site Manager

Peter Cameron

Caretakers Assistant

Sally Cameron Playleader
Elisha Carter Midday Supervisor

Ruchi Cheema

Teaching Assistant

Karen Cook

Year 3 Teacher

Yvette Davies Midday Supervisor
Fatemah Dewji Year 4 Class Teacher

Lisa Dove

Nursery Nurse - Year 1

Samantha Dunn Midday Supervisor
Caroline Dunning Nursery Nurse

Vicky Eastaff

Nursery Nurse

Penny Ellis


Tamsin Forsey Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Libby Gage

Year 2 Class Teacher

KS1 Area Leader

Jo Garvey Children and Families Officer

Kat Hackett


Chloe Harold Midday Supervisor
Martin Hayes Year 1 Teaching Assistant and School Club Assistant

Nick Hearn


Gillian Hemmings

Midday Supervisor and Care Club Assistant

Carrie Hill


Olivia Hood Foundation Stage Class Teacher
Laura Howard Midday Supervisor

Hayley Hughes

Deputy Headteacher

Jocelyn Hughes

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Julie Jeffries


Lucy Jones

Finance Assistant

Jake Kerley Teaching Assistant Sports
Katie Kettleborough Year 4 Teaching Assistant

David Killick

UKS2 Area Leader

Stephanie Kimble Year 5 Class Teacher

Aimee Lannagan

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Lauren Leadbeater


Rebecca Leak Year 5 Class Teacher
Mike Leishman Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Laura Lynch

Midday Supervisor and Care Club Assistant



Year 6 Class Teacher

Lorraine Metcalfe

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Sarah Mitchell

Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Claire Morris


Sara Musthaffa Student Teacher

Lucy Onyinah

Cleaner and Midday Supervisor

Sheila Palk Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Heather Partridge Midday Supervisor

Sarah Poulter

Year 1 Class Teacher, Every Child Counts Teacher

Steve Rae

LKS2 Area Leader

Gemma Read Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Zoe Richardson Year 2 Class Teacher

Chris Say

Year 3 Class Teacher

Angie Shipp

Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Debbie Smith

Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Sarah Staddon

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Nick Stephens

Year 6 Class Teacher

Jodi Surman Midday Supervisor
Hollie Sutton Year 1 Class Teacher
Emma Swain School Club Assistant

Helen Thomas


Rachel Timms

School Business Manager

Victoria Wakeman


Sarah Walsh

Year 3 Teacher

Bev Ward

Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Tracy Warner Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Ursula Watkins Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Kerry Whitmee

Nursery Nurse

Nikki Wright Deputy Playleader

Sindy York

School Secretary